3 March 2013

Pierrelecat in pictures #06

Another month, another unhealthy amount of phone pictures..

1. Got the finished promo pictures for Be As One.. Watch this space!
2. Me and Proudlock hanging out. As you do.
3. New shirt. Thank you Urban Outfitters sale!
4. I think the train conductor liked me..
5. Pierre looking cute. As always.
6. Ah, the Cliff Richard calendar. This month, as my brother described, is a DEEP v.
7. Working in Newcastle..
8. Playing in Newcastle.
9. Sometimes it doesn't have to be original..
10. The best note I have ever found in the street. EVER.
11. My most worn bracelets.
12. I still can't get over my first attempt at nail art. I want my nails to be like this forever. Are there any other good/ simple/ easy nail art tutorials out there you'd recommend?
13. A bowl of coffee.
14. The necklace collection continues to grow..
15. The joys of working from home. The light catching the disco ball in our front room turning it into a day time discotheque. Result.
16. My cooking skills (None)
17. The tie die socks. The best way to wear tie die so far..
18. The ombre quilt cover from Matalan. The Mr thought he was having some kind of episode when I surprised him with my latest purchase!

That was my February, how was yours? Leave your blog links in the comments below.. I always have a look!


  1. 'having some kind of episode' haha! I love drippy nails, leopard print nails are also super easy and really effective, give them a go :) x


    1. Awesome! Going to hunt down a tutorial now!

  2. I REALLY love these sort of posts! P.S. Love number 10 too! :P xx


    1. Thanks.. I know, I wish I could find more notes like that in the street!

  3. Erm.. I have the exact same photo as number 9!! At first I thought it was mine haha!

    1. Haha.. Couldn't resist a snap when I went to uni the other day!

  4. Those nails are beautiful! Come and do them for me, please?

  5. Haha your Cliff calendar makes me lol. And there's always time for some MIC pervin!xx


    1. ALWAYS! Even if it's my other half taking the pic, right?!



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