28 January 2013

Pierrelecat in pictures #05

Different name, same deal..

1. Remember when I mentioned Be As One? There's be a lot of exciting things happening including this amazing photo shoot.
2. Pierre.. The only cat I have ever known who likes piggy backs. Usually in the morning when I'm doing my make up.
3. Travelling back from Cambridge we've finally managed to call into one of those American diners.. Highly recommend the chocolate milkshake.
4. My new favourite nail varnishes.. Lush Lacquer.
5. Spots and stripes.. (the dress I'm wearing is still in the Ark sale!)
6. This was my life for a while..
7. We know how to do a family party. Presenting C.S.I. Carlisle.
8. I love my Be As One tee!
9. I add chilli to everything. Ham and pea soup? Dull.. Ham, pea and CHILLI soup. Yes please!
10. I went to uni and found myself on a wall.
11. Did you see this a while back? Thank you E-tailwebstores!
12. A trip to Glasgow with a bit of graffiti spotting. This one was my favourite: 'Suck ma Bob'..
13. New favourite outfit.. Glamorous coat, American Apparel leggings, Vans and another Be As One tee.
14. I can't get enough of street art spotting!
15. Carlisle looking pretty in the frost.
16. My final Christmas present arrived.. I love you ASOS.

Enough about me, what have you been up to? Leave your blog links in the comments.. I always have a look!



  1. mmm chilli ham & pea soup sounds ace! x

  2. Looks like you have been busy. BY THE BY I have hunners of old event books from uni that are takiing up room. Yours for the taking should you want them x

  3. OMG that nail polish is amazing! I have just favourited their shop, will most def have to get some of that. x

    1. Do it!! I got 5 mini pots.. They'll last for ages!

  4. I'm in love with your nail varnish!!! That's amazing :) so much less effort than having to do the glittery bits yourself! I'm also loving your Asos shirt - perfect for Summer!! x

  5. Those nail polishes are AMAZING. Need them in my life. x

  6. Love the asos shirt x




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