24 February 2012

FRIDay findS..

EVent find

Is it spring yet? No. That's why this weekend you will mainly find me sitting in a dark room. With my Mam. No, I'm not a weird.. I'll be visiting the 13th Keswick Film festival*. I've had my eye on this for a while and there are some AMAZING films being shown in a beautiful location, including Tyrannosaur** and Little Moth. My advice.. Go! If you can't, make sure you have a look at the brochure and be sure to check some of the stunning films when they come out near you. Any recommendations?

FASHion find

I love the idea of colour blocking with pastels this summer. I'm not usually a massive fan of the pastel palette as it tends to wash me out but seeing a few House of Holland pieces has made me want to have a go..

So the price tag of £185 for this beaut of a shirt doesn't really fit into my monthly budget.. (Although, if it did I'd get it here)

However, shopping around I've found something really quite similar.. From George at ASDA for only £14 !! This is perfect for someone like me who's not sure about pastels but fancies giving it a go. How good would a pair of collar tips look with this? Oof!

MUsic find

Really happy to hear the Mystery Jets have a new album out. Due 30th April, it's their first album to be recorded outside the London. Taking inspiration from their time spent in Austin, 'Radlands' looks set to sound pretty special. After being slightly disappointed by their last album I will DEFINITELY be catching them on their 'intimate' tour across England.. And they just so happen to make a stop in Carlisle on the 30th of March. Win. 

* Err.. With my Mam, yeah?
** I'm not kidding.. I nearly cried at the trailer.


  1. Thanks for your comment :) - I used to work on George so I got first pick of the bargains. I really want the shirt you've posted but I haven't managed to find one in my size yet.

    Think I'm quite looking forward to the new Mystery Jets album - sounds like its going to be a good one xx

  2. I love the entire house of holland s/s collection.... Out of my price range too though! Love the blog Hun. X

  3. I adore those colour blocked shirts, fabulous styles <3

  4. That shirt is beautiful! Can't believe it's so cheap at ASDA. Must have!! :) xxx



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