26 January 2012

LOVE HEArts and crosses

If you're anything like me, then you can't leave the house without a bit of the bling. Having recently emerged (fit and well) from an 80s/ trashy/ gold/ OTT/even-charity-shops-wouldn't-take-it jewellery COMA, I have managed to find some amazing sites that offer really unique items that don't cost the world.

I can't deny I love this seasons Topshop and H&M jewellery lines. The only problem is I can't stop thinking I might go out and see other people wearing the exact same items.. That's why my current wishlist mainly consists of things from Love Hearts and Crosses.
 This is IMMENSE and guess what? It's in the sale !! £7.50. Get it here. Unless I beat you to it..
Gold makes me happy. Unfortunately my ears aren't pierced. So they're all yours.. Right here for £5. Amazing.

So simple, I'm in love. This necklace is also available in gold. Another reason to visit the site as most of their popular designs are in both gold and silver. I'm feeling more silver at the moment so find it here.

Can this be any cuter? A bow tie? On a necklace? Gimme.. Also available on red cotton cord. But find the black one here for only £10..

What do you think of Hearts and Crosses? Anyone else have a favourite online jewellery site? What about vintage jewellery, anyone know a site with a good selection (Keeping in mind my gold weakness, this could be dangerous..)

PS. I've just got a new camera today. Get ready for an outfit post or two. Just trying to avoid my duck-face that always makes an appearance in photos recently.. Nice.


  1. I love the bow necklace. My ears aren't pierced either! I never meet anyone else who doesn't have pierced ears. Everyone keeps trying to persuade me I need earrings for my wedding but it's not going to happen. X

  2. I love the wishbone necklace, so simple indeed! XX

  3. i love the necklace!
    i am jewellery obsessed to , i cannot go out without wearing some
    love the blog , following!
    mantenso xx

  4. I love that ring!



  5. I love the turquoise style ring! I had something similar from H&M last year and it broke a few weeks ago! :( I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a new one! :D

  6. I have the wishbone necklace! Love everything here x


  7. Ooh, the bow-tie necklace is super cute!

    Rosie x

  8. I am in need of some accessories I've left the majority of mine at home :( love that bow on the necklace! Xx

  9. I love them all! Especially the ring:) I really like the jewellery on dollybowbow.co.uk, it's really cute!

    Zoe xoxo

  10. Im really loving their new collection, they are getting better and better xx

  11. Awh the wishbone necklace is adorable - just wish it wasn't sold out already!

    Charlene xo



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