Disclosure policy

Pierrelecat is an independent blog and is not part of any blogger networks or schemes. 

I hand pick all of the brands I work with making sure they represent my interests and the interests of my readers, while always in-keeping with my blog. This means I consider each request individually.

Although I love working with other bloggers I do not accept guest posts from other brands, businesses or agencies.

On Pierrelecat you can expect to see collaborative posts that are clearly labelled, gifted items marked with an asterisk (*) and any event invites may be followed up with a blog post.

I do not feature hidden sponsored posts or feature brands that are not related to the focus of Pierrelecat.

The opinions you read always come straight from me; I never accept payment to say something I don’t believe to be true. Not only is this unethical as a blogger, but it also goes against the ASA’s online remit. Views expressed here are my own personal opinion and do not represent the company I work for.

Need further info? You only have to ask..