28 May 2014

Pierrelecat in pictures #10

After such an amazing response to my last post here is my promise of Pierrelecat doing more stuff. I can hardly believe Pierrelecat in pictures #09 was posted all the way back in December. It was cold. And winter.
Here is a little bit of my spring and summer inspiration in photograph form. Don't worry, I haven't gone completely cold turkey on my jewellery obsession just yet..
1. Took a trip to a Buddhist temple that is just round the corner from me. I'd never even known it existed.
2. A steampunk circus IN A MUSEUM. Yes, it was pretty brilliant. You can read what I got up to here.
3. Bright socks. Bright flowers. This is exactly my kind of weekend wandering attire.
4. My amazing cousin turned 18 and she made this tie dye bunting. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this outstanding creation..

5. We went to Cambridge.. There are bikes everywhere. Even in bed.
6. Is it weird that one of my favourite flowers is this scrawny looking gorse? I can't help but love it.
7. Dissertation hand in and I am FREE.
8. Here's a cut out and keep mask of my face in a local business magazine with an article about the event I organised recently. Nice.

9. Vintage, jewellery and craft fans.. Wish Strings has opened a real life shop. What's even better? All her awesome products are still available to buy online too.
10. Yes, that's a nail varnish fail.. But how ace is my new Punky Pins bracelet?
11. Pierre in the sun always makes me happy.
12. Bought this green jumper from Topshop on a whim. I wanted to take it back, but then I found out it looks good over EVERY dress I own. You win Topshop.. This time.

That's pretty much me.. How's life been looking for you?



  1. Great pics! I love your mint sweater :))

    Kisses, Kali

  2. I love posts like these, they are my favourite xx

  3. This post is lovely! I love picture blogs! xx



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