19 February 2014

Three ways to wear THE shirt.. #02

The second look I wanted to create with my French Connection shirt is inspired by the style in my favourite film and TV programme; This is England. 

It just so happens to star the prettiest woman to exist; Vicky McClure. 

When I saw this shirt I immediately thought of Lol from This is England. Set in the 80s, the film and following two TV series follows a group of skinheads and the divisions within the scene.

The skinhead style is a huge part of the film and Lol, who is played by Vicky McClure, was the character that stood out to me the most. I wonder why?

Definitely a fan of the checked shirt, right?

Taking inspiration from Lol and the rest of This is England I pulled on the DMs, a bleached denim dungaree dress and pinned my hair back to look like an undercut. 

Oh, and then I hung around graffiti..

Shirt* - French Connection
Dungarees -  ASOS

As a film This is England was at times disturbing yet ultimately heartwarming, both of which have stayed with me a long time after watching. The style however has been something I've tried to emulate ever since.. 

Is your wardrobe inspired by what you watch?

Three ways to wear THE shirt.. #01



  1. Love This Is England :) You look perfect, the dungarees & checkered shirt work so well together!

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous outfit.
    Your so pweety :)





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