3 February 2014

Nail art novice: Lazy nail art..

Nail art posts have become pretty rare on Pierrelecat recently. Although my nail varnish collection continues to expand, my time (unfortunately) does not.

Balancing work, uni and whatever else happens (You know, like having a life..) means setting an hour or two aside to try a new nail art technique is few and far between. Not to mention that when I do visit nail-art town, I always end up following it with an activity that involves a mega smudge-a-thon. Who want's to see that?

So what happens to the nail art novice who doesn't have the time (or sometimes even the inclination) to get really adventurous? Oh, hi lazy nail art..

I have discovered that nail decals are always the answer. 

A nail art novice can still impress by showing her finger nails the attention they deserve with an ever expanding collection of nail art decals now available.. And they just so happen to be very time (and purse) friendly.

Pick from a junk food theme by D.I.Y. Nails or find a bargain on eBay, in the decal world anything goes. Hey, what links a cat and a cocktail? They're decals in my latest nail art attempt of course..

So after an ambitious and failed Christmas nail art challenge attempt, I've come to the conclusion that I'll be keeping it simple from now on. I'll still be keeping a close eye on the WAH Nails girls, but if you're anything like me and want to achieve great looking nails with the least amount of effort you'll probably want to stick around...

After all, I've got a whole lot of organising to do..

Will you be using decals in your nail art designs?



  1. I love these! I am so useless when it comes to nail art but this looks like something even I could do! Honestly.. the only thing I dare do to my nails is paint them with clear varnish!

    1. Haha.. Definitely give them a go though. I've had loads of comments.. Even if they're more 'Err.. What's going on with your nails?'

  2. Party Plan with polka dots. Polka Dot headbands became popular in the 70’s and are returning in the 1990’s with the cycle of fashion trends.

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  3. Cute nails! I love deer so your thumb is my fave :P

    x Satu
    Indie by heart



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