17 February 2014

Spotlight on: Jewellery Shores...

I've often thought about making an investment in a piece from an up and coming jewellery designer. I was on the hunt for exactly that when I visited LA last year, thinking it would be the perfect way to remember our time in California. 

Although my phone was jam packed full of jewellery designer's names when I returned to sunny UK, there wasn't that a stand out name that made me look them up at home.

After continuing in my quest to find the perfect designer piece I recently came across the amazing Eleni Antoni on Jewellery Shores and I just couldn't wait to share..

 1. Purple steel and gold alloy leaf. Have you ever heard of anything more interesting going on in a necklace pendant? Thought not.. I love this Eleni Antoni abstract design which would be prefect as a stand alone piece or layering up with necklaces of different lengths, shapes and sizes.

2. This piece reminds me of the anatomy inspired jewellery I blogged about a little while ago, particularly Nervous System, who take inspiration from natural phenomena. This oxidised silver seaflower ring has the added extra of a red resin centre to make it truly unique.

3. I am a complete sucker for geometric design.. Add monochrome into the mix I'm pretty much sold. I love this twist on a classic with a slightly offset plexiglass feature.

4. I don't wear earrings.. But the amount of times I have been tempted lately is unreal. The husband reckons I'm going to start buying them anyway. If they're any more tempting than this pair, I'll find it hard to resist.

But what's really caught my eye is this bad boy..

Yup, it's that gold leaf and purple alloy in cubed resin again.. This time in ring form. I genuinely feel this beautiful piece belongs in my collection.

If you're looking to make the investment in a design led piece Eleni Antoni at Jewellery Shores is where you should be headed. Although it'll take more than a paper round to afford all of my picks I sure hope to get there soon. Only question is, where did I leave that left over Christmas money?

What's on your jewellery shopping list?


This is a collaborative post with Jewellery Shores who allowed me to use their images. The opinions here are all my own.. For my full disclosure policy click here.

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