5 August 2013

Nail art novice: Glitter tips and nude shades..

Before I started blogging I wasn't fussed for making my nails pretty. While working as a dental nurse, nail varnish was a major no-no in surgery. The only option was to paint them on a Friday only to take it off again on a Sunday. I just wasn't bothered. Not to mention I couldn't stand the thought of glitter. I tried all that when I was 13 and I was over it.

But things have changed..

Not only have I hung up my dental nursing scrubs for the last time but I've found out that I really enjoy a bit of nail painting action. Despite my Mam telling me I should really get a life, I love sitting of an evening figuring out what type of nail art I'll attempt that week. From finding different colour combinations to discovering new effects to create. Turns out a bit of glitter now and then doesn't hurt either.

You'll notice I say attempt. That's because I am in no way an expert. I'm definitely starting simple.

So there you have it, I paint my nails.. And sometimes I even feel like sharing the trials and tribulations of a nail art novice with someone else other than the Mr. (Although he's become weirdly interested) Which is what I've decided to do here every now and then. A beauty blogger? Moi? Surely not..

This week it's a mixture of something I've never been able to get right and something I've never tried.. A nude nail varnish with a glitter tip.
Barry M - Gelly Hi Shine (Lychee)
Lush Laquer (Birthday cake)
Maybelline top coat
Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique (Quick Dry)
Superdrug - Moisture cutilcle oil 
So here's my confession.. I've never tried a nude nail varnish. With my ghostly pale skin (no matter how sunny it is outside..) I thought if I wear a nude colour it'll look like my fingernails have fallen off. Nice. Recently however, I've seen some amazing nude shades being rocked on the likes of Helen from The Love Cats Inc and I knew it was time to try. Otherwise I'd never know, right?
To conteract the possible fingernail-less look I thought I'd attempt a glitter tip. Something I've never been able to get right. But now I know why.. 
I chose the Barry M Lychee colour as I thought it had a slight hint of pink/ purple in it rather than being pure beige which I really don't think suits my skin tone. Turns out it's not as hideous as I predicted. The Barry M nail varnishes are a favourite of mine so I knew the quality was going to be good. I think it'll be a great base to some other nail art projects I might attempt in the future too.
As for the glitter tip.. I think I've cracked it. I was trying with really big glitter pieces and failing miserably. I like shorter nails and I couldn't be that accurate in a smaller nail space to get any type of tip effect. I usually gave up and painted the full nail in glitter. For other nail art novices out there I'd recommend starting with a smaller glitter size for a more precise effect. 
As for the cuticle oil (which smells divine!) and the Quick Dry nail varnish, I think I'm going reserve judgement until I've had a chance to use it a couple more times. I won't be recommending parting with your cash unless it's worth it..
Are you a nail art novice like me? Who's your inspiration? What about nude shades.. Which one is your favourite?


  1. They look really cute! Would look lovely with gold glitter xx


  2. I think you've done a great job! It looks super cute! I love barry M so much too!

  3. I love the look of that cuticle oil pen! So handy to have xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

  4. Love these,I've never tried glitter tips either, must give it a go. Think I'm going to try hunt down the cuticle oil though, I'm rubbish at looking after my nails. x

  5. These look awesome, you would never think they were a first attempt, definitely better than mine would be!!

    I’ve given my blog a bit of a redesign, please come and check it out if you have a chance and let me know what you think!.




  6. Love the nails, I may have to test these out for myself!


    Annabel x



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