10 April 2013

Pierrelecat: This week I've been wearing..

Like many fashion bloggers, this time every year I find myself in a kind of transitional wardrobe funk. It's spring in the shops, but not quite on the streets. So when I'm looking for a few bits to update my wardrobe I tend to be drawn towards the dual purpose items..

Coat - Glamorous
Hat - ASOS

Dress - Asos
Waistcoat - Vintage (From A New Shop, Sheffield)
Boots - Topshop

This dress is the perfect example of what I mean.. Right now I can layer it up with coats, hats and tights. I'm thinking I'll be teaming it with a plain black tee underneath and my vintage black military boots to keep me warm in this not-so-spring-like weather.. But being a dual purpose dress, I know this will look just as awesome with flip flops and sunglasses when summer officially kicks in! Be prepared to be seeing this dress again when the sun is out.

So it's more of an investment if I get plenty of wear out of it, right?! That's how I justify it anyway..

Ahhh.. My current favourite necklace combination.. I'm totally in love with these jewellery finds.

Does anyone else have similar transitional wardrobe pieces? How are you styling your spring purchases?


  1. 'Transitional wardrobe funk', I like that! I know exactly what you mean though, I'm neither here nor there and can't help but dream about how I'd style what I'm wearing differently for the summer. xx

    1. I'm worried about when the sun eventually comes out though.. I have so much summer stuffed stored away I've got a feeling I'll end up wearing it all at once. Stylish!

  2. I adore the coat! It's so frustrating at the moment, I'm so ready for spring but this bloody weather won't give up! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

    1. Haha.. Even my coat is ready for spring! That faux fur is removable! What can I say?! I'm eternally dreaming of sun!

  3. I love that dress, so transitional. DEFINITELY an investment ;) xx


  4. I no what you mean about the wardrobe transition, omg I'm finding it so hard to put outfits together! I love your outfit here, that coat and dress are so nice! And those necklaces <3!!:D

    Love from a new follower -





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