2 April 2013

Pierrelecat, WCH Vintage and the Newcastle Vintage Fair..

A couple of weeks ago, if you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen that I was running a little behind schedule on my way to the Newcastle Vintage Fair at Castlegate.

 I hadn't been to a vintage fair in ages and I was looking forward to this one in particular. Not only is it a pretty interesting venue (See the picture above. Well, this is either a really cool art installation piece or some kind of air conditioning unit I didn't quite understand..), but I'd finally get to meet these guys..

Working Class Hero Vintage.. You've heard of them, yeah? Being based in Huddersfield I don't get to pop into their new vintage shop as often as I'd like.. This was the perfect opportunity for a catch up! The fair was heaving, but where was the only place to get myself pair of vintage dungarees? (The one thing that was on my wish list that weekend..) You guessed it, Working Class Hero Vintage!

Fortunately for you, the lovely people at WCH Vintage have managed to save a few pairs for you to feast your eyes on over in their ASOS boutique. Prepare to fall in love..

If I looked this good in a pair of 90s vintage dungarees I'd wear them EVERY DAY.

I like cold weather. I like layers. I strongly believe my legs should never be exposed unless it's truly necessary. But a pair of acid wash cut off dungarees.. Need I say more?!

So apart from those treats, I wasn't too blown away by the fair itself. As much as I love bunting, cupcakes and a bustling atmosphere, I think the vintage fair concept is in need of a bit of a shake up. Fortunately for us, WCH Vintage are the kind of people that are up for the challenge..

Oh, and I regret not buying this..

What do you think? Are you a fan of Vintage Fairs? Do you know any vintage shops or events that are getting it right?

Ps. This isn't a sponsored post.. I just really like these guys!


  1. Ooh it looks amazing! I laughed at bum equipment too xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  2. oh I do love a good vintage fair..those dungarees are cute..I recently picked up a pair in a charity shop for £3! seeing you in yours makes me want to wear mines



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