7 January 2013

Pierrelecat, one year on..

The 31st of December marked a special day on pierrelecat.. It was the anniversary of my very first post! Thought I'd share a bit about my year and why I'll continuing to blog in 2013..

First thing that I've gained from blogging? My photography skills have improved. MASSIVELY. My style on the other hand.. Not so much.

I've said from the start that I love being a part of the blogging community. I'm constantly inspired by bloggers style, their stories and have even learned a few things I really didn't expect to. A quick look at my favourite bloggers post and you'll see what I mean..

My wardrobe (and even the Mr's wardrobe) is especially thankful for the abundance of unique online shops I've found out about throughout the year.

 Remember Working Class Hero Vintage? The first time I mentioned them was in March when I'd come across their eBay shop.. They went from pop up boutiques to collaborating with a designer on a t-shirt line to launching their ASOS marketplace store! Then in December 2012 they opened the first Working Class Hero Vintage shop!! Lucky people of Huddersfield should head to the 2nd Floor, Byram Arcade for your pick of vintage treats! Keep up to date with all new lines added as it happens on Twitter @WCHvintage.

And lastly, the best thing I've got from blogging over the last twelve months is that it's probably the most productive little hobby I've had for a long time.. I really enjoy writing and can already see a few improvements to that. I've put blogging on my CV and have even talked about it in interviews!* SEO, copywriting, marketing, HTML, photography, web design, research and all the other good stuff that goes into my blog just so happen to be the skills I need in the industry I'm planning to work in after uni!

The only downside? Now Pierre and Tiddles are featured on this blog every month the fame is starting to go to their heads..  

So thank you to every reader, every follower and every commenter.. You've made my blogging year!

Leave your links in the comment box below so I can check out your corner of the blogosphere.. And don't forget to look me up on Twitter @_pierrelecat and find me on Instagram @ pierrelecat too!

*I even got the jobs! Woop!!


  1. Im on your blog first time and I really like it :) Keep it up <3 happy new year

  2. happy belated blog birthday- I love your style I'm glad it hadn't changed
    thank you for the kind comment on my blog

  3. happy blogiversarrrry! (I'm a little late bit better than never!)

    congratulations on the jobs thats fantastic news and your blog looks fantastic! Pierre and Tiddles are adorable. (and I think they might know it...)



  4. I just stumbled across your blog via Margaret's Liebster Award nominees at the Roaring Twenties :) what a lovely blog, and it looks as though it and you have really grown in the past year. The difference between those two photos is insane!! Congrats on the job - and happy belated blog birthday! xx

  5. This is a lovely post, I hope I have such positive things to look back on when my blog hits a year! Really love the photo of your cushion inspired jacket, my photography is something I really need to work on but I'm hoping that'll get better when summer and daylight come back around!



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