16 November 2012

Things I love but I never wear.. #01

I think everyone has something in their wardrobe that they LOVE. That piece of clothing that is totally YOU. An item you saw and instantly fell in love with. Something that was most probably made for you. There's just one more thing that sets this item apart from any other piece in your trusty wardrobe..


Over the course of the next few weeks I will be showcasing some of my favourite items of clothing THAT I NEVER WEAR.. But I love a bit too much to get rid of.

I want your advice.. Can I wear it? Should I just bin it? How and when do I wear it? Or is it just too crazy? That's my feeling on most of these pieces of clothing..

First up.. THE BOOTS.

I found these beauties on eBay and instantly knew I had to have them, although it took me a couple of weeks to pluck up the courage to buy them. During that time I asked myself the question that usually determines if a piece of clothing is worth parting with my dollar.. 'Will I actually wear them?'

My answer in this case was 'OF COURSE! They'll go with everything. Dress them up, dress them down.. THEY'RE AN INVESTMENT.'

So I went for it and bought these one of a kind vintage boots..

Can't argue that the details are incredible.. I mean, look at the earring. My boots have earrings, people!

So why don't I wear them?

Reason number 1 - They're mental and I'm not sure my home town is ready for them yet. 

Reason number 2 - They're the right size but the bit around the heel has slightly caved in so rubs on my ankles. This makes me walk funny. Unfortunately, walking like a crazy definitely draws more attention to the boots (see reason number 1 for the combined problem here..)

So far, these precious boots have only been to Tesco and back (..What a waste!)

What do you think? Should I give up and pass them on to someone who will wear them more, but not necessarily love them more than me? Or do I brave it with thick socks, the spray stuff that stretches leather and make crazy boots a fashion staple in Carlisle?

Is it wrong to just get them framed?

*Please tell me this isn't just me..


  1. Those boots are wonderful! Get them worn.

    Much Love: http://razzledazzleandrocknroll.blogspot.co.uk/ If you fancy a nosey.


  2. They're beautiful! But I completely understand why you never wear them, I'd give them another change :)


  3. Hello!! I completely didnt realise i wasnt following you - i am now - one must support local talent ;)

    I hate to be the odd one out…..but those boots dont really do it for me. Im all for and a strong lover of quirky…but they are a bit fancy dress for me even :-S

    Love this idea though…looking forward to seeing what else you have hidden away ;) xxxxx

    1. You're right, you know.. They could be a bit OTT! I'd keep them for fancy dress but exactly what fancy dress costume could I use them for?! (I have a fancy dress box, so these beauties may be relegated to that!)

  4. Oh wow, these boots are pretty amazing, aren't they. I know exactly what you mean though, I have a beautiful pair of Baroque print jeans, and I love them to bits. But.....yep, I never wear them. They don't go with anything! Or I haven't got anything that goes with them. Either way, it's not happening, and it's such a shame to see them going to waste.
    I think you should definitely bust these out, looking forward to seeing what other treats you've got in store!
    Mel x




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