21 July 2012

A FEw weeks in a few pictures.. #02

Thought I'd get ahead of the Sunday collage rush..
1. Walk on a sunny evening
2. Homemade cauliflower cheese. Looks bad, tastes amazing. Girl did good.
3. The Mr has been away a lot for work and this is how I have occupied my time. I wish I could stop watching..
4. An interesting piece of graffiti on a toilet in Leeds..
5. Jump out my bed to answer the door, on my return Pierre has tucked himself into bed like a little human. I love him.
5. Have a few interviews coming up. This one was for a work experience position so settled on half smart/ half casual. It was a success.
7. Night in with my little cousin.. (I say little, he's nearly 6 ft)
9. One of the projects I'll be working on this summer; Picnic Cinema.. Check it out here.
10. They're finally mine.. If you follow me on twitter you will have read my joy (and my unexpected eBay shakes) when I won a pair of Oxblood Topshop Allegra boots. I am in love.
11. My amazing 70s curtains in my bedroom.. But can I find an orange duvet cover anywhere? NO.
12. Charity shop find. This is not just any cat necklace, this is a mood cat necklace. I know. Wow.
13. Another attempt at cooking (This just shows that the Mr has been away a lot) and my feta and tomato stuffed peppers looked a lot prettier than the cauliflower cheese.
14. Best charity shop find for a long time. Coasters decorated with pictures of 80s flamenco dancers. Win.

Now go out and enjoy the sun like a normal..

*Every summer I become mildly obsessed with my sunflowers. This year is proving no different. I literally fight off slugs with my bare hands.


  1. Good luck with all your interviews. I love that cat necklace and your curtains are amazing! I was enjoying the sun but it's gone in and it's really cloudy! Ive lost my excuse for not doing house work! X

  2. Lovely pictures, love those Topshop boots :) and the cat is adorable! xx

  3. Lovely pictures, love the boots, you're so lucky!

    Pip x

  4. great post, love your blog in general!
    the topshop boots are awesome! congrats hehe :)




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