8 May 2012

WORKing Class Hero Vintage POP UP

If anyone follows me on Twitter you'll often hear me banging on about Working Class Hero Vintage or if you're a regular reader, you will remember when I first discovered them here. More than anything I love people that are passionate about what they do. It could be studying, waitressing or fashion designing. I just find enthusiasm inspiring and infectious. Which is exactly what I feel after chatting to the owners of Working Class Hero Vintage. That's why I'm so happy to see what started as an online vintage shop, go from strength to strength*.

Working Class Hero Vintage recently held their second successful pop-up boutique in a local hair salon in their hometown of Halifax. (I love this as a pop-up location!)

Some of the popular items for sale include specially customised Levi denim shorts and this one of a kind leather snakeskin design bag. Yes, I do want both.

One of the unique things about Working Class Hero Vintage is their men's section. If you're anything like me, I often drag the Mr around vintage clothing fairs, shops and stalls with nothing but a few crusty Christmas jumpers to amuse him with. Working Class Hero Vintage is different. As you can see from the top picture there's almost equal amounts of men's vintage as there is women's. Tres rare.

And there's lots more planned for Working Class Hero Vintage.. Not only are they planning on attending a few vintage fairs over the next few months, as well as continuing their pop up shops, but they have recently collaborated with illustrator Nick Tomlinson to produce completely original tshirt designs. I am way too excited to see them. I am told they'll be available soon..

For now, I'll be continuing to stalk their Ebay shop.. And hey, if your Mr catches you, in a couple of clicks you'll be able to persuade him you were looking for some vintage threads for HIS wardrobe.. Which you could probably wear anyway. WIN.

I want to buy all of these.. Mainly because the model makes everything look too good..

So, where would you like to see Working Class Hero Vintage? Is there a vintage fair near you? How does your Mr feel about the lacking vintage men's department? Where would you like to see a vintage pop-up shop?

*I haven't been asked to write this.. I actually asked them! All photos courtesy of those Working Class Hero Vintage lovelies..


  1. Ah that bag is beaut! Love vintage shopping and fairs! We've got one in Brum this weekend! Way better than the rails of topshop personally! Xx

  2. Loving the shorts, the colour is fab! They seem like a really great little online shop too.

    Lucy Loves To Blog

    1. They really are! Check them out on twitter.. @WCHvintage

  3. Replies
    1. I love that bag too.. To be fair I love it all ! Ha.

  4. Oh, I remember your first post about them! So excited to see them growing that fast!!!

    1. I know.. It's great! They've started to print their own tshirts too. The designs are amazing !!

  5. Don't encourage me.. It doesn't take much!



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