19 April 2012

PAStel party..

Something I've noticed gaining a bit of momentum for the summer is the current pastel trend. If you're anything like me, you're wanting to embrace it but at the same time don't want to waste money on an item that could look dated by September.

There are some gorgeous pastel colour spring jumpers in Mango at the moment.. 
Mango jumper £42.99 available here

But if you're wanting to find yourself a bit of a bargain there are some similar pieces available from Tesco.. For less than half the price !

Tesco Pastel Collection only £14.99 and available here.. That's more like it!

A tip I picked up from the lovely Chelsea on her blog letsputourheartstogether is to look at what you already have in your wardrobe before you spend the dollar.. Which is exactly what I did.

Mint green jumpsuit, white and pink top, both green tops - Vintage
Blue shirt - H&M
Pink bodycon skirt - Topshop

Turns out I'm a closeted pastel green fan..

..And so are Pierre and Tiddles.

Although all these items are in my wardrobe I don't think I've worn any recently. I'll definitely be cracking them out over the next few months.. How will you be working the pastel trend this season? Is there anything in your wardrobe that you couldn't part with, that's come back into fashion?

PS. Goodbye, brown hair. It's been a fun couple of weeks but as of Saturday you'll be gone. Yesssss.


  1. I love that pink, white and blue top! I like the pastel trend but I don't think pastels look so good on me cos I'm so pale - I'll have to keep it on the bottom half I think!

    Laila x

    1. Good plan.. I'm pretty pale too. That's probably why all of my pastel stuff was found right at the back of the wardrobe !

  2. I spotted a few gorgeous items in Tesco yesterday but rushed out quickly before I gave in and bought them all xxx

    1. You pop in for your tea and you come out with a new wardrobe. It's dangerous!

  3. Love this jumper, such a bargain as well! thanks for sharing :D


  4. pierre and tiddles are such good cat names! love the pink and white t-shirt xx

    1. I almost forget how silly the name Pierre is.. Especially when I talk to people I don't know about him and put on a french accent. Oui.

  5. I'm terrified of pastels- not very girly at all! I love the top with the blue and pink on it, very 80s and also hits the sports Luxe trend I would say! xxx


    1. OOoo.. Well spotted ! 80s, sports luxe and pastels? I couldn't have planned that better..

  6. Love all those pretty pastel pieces! Loving that stripe jumper. Your cats are so cute!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  7. Love the Pastel Shades .. and the Cat :)


  8. Aww cute kitties! I love the pastel trend ut I don't want to spend £££'s on it only for it to be 'out' by autumn. I may have to invest in that tesco jumper though :)! xx


  9. Great little haul :D

    I have nominated you for Kreativ Blog Award.
    Check it out on my blog http://millylovesblog.blogspot.co.uk/

    Emily XxX



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