6 April 2012

A GOOD FRIDay find..

Like me, if you're a follower of Vicky at #GOLLYGOSH or Sara at saraluxe, you'll know they have jewellery collections to be jealous of. I've always loved necklaces and have a drawer full to prove it, but I've never been too fussed about rings. To be honest even my engagement ring was a bit of a struggle wearing to start with.

My beautiful engagement ring (and wedding ring..) designed by the Mr..

But recently, with amazing collections from Wired Jewellery and cute finds at Rings and Tings my hands have started to feel a bit naked. That's never happened before.. But where do you start when you have nothing? I don't know my size, I don't want to spend too much money and I'm not even sure I'd wear them..

Fortunately, I was in the mood for shopping for tea towels today. No really, bare with me.. If it wasn't for the tea-towel-of-my-dreams* search I wouldn't have called into Matalan.. And found that ALL of the jewellery was buy 3 for the price of 2 !! Here is my mini-haul and the start of my new ring collection..

I'm in love 

I was so surprised to find they have some really beautiful pieces, all of which I felt you can integrate with what you already own AND have a try on in store. I spotted sizes were from 16mm to 21mm (as well as the occasional S, M or L) with ring prices from £3.50 to £6..

 Some of my favourite ring combinations with Barry M nail varnish (115 Red black) ..And yes, that's Tiddles looking cute in the background..

Managed to get myself a new camera bag too - £8 and perfect !

So it was a pretty successful shopping trip. I've had a look online and there is no where near the wide selection as in store but the 3 for 2 offer still stands. Check it out here.
Thanks Matalan, this never fails to amuse me..
So will anyone else be making a trip to Matalan to stock up on some amazing jewellery finds and take advantage of their 3 for 2 offer?** Has anyone else found equally gorgeous jewellery somewhere unexpected?
Also, just want to say a HUGE thank you to all my old and new followers. I didn't expect to, but I'm pretty overwhelmed to have made it to 100 !!

*The tea-towel-of-my-dreams search ended when I found purple tea towels. Don't hate.
**Again, no one asked me to write this post. Just thought I'd share a bit of Matalan love over the Easter weekend.


  1. I love that spike ring and your engagement ring is really beautiful!

    Lucy x

  2. Are they seriously from Matalan! uhh I don't know any Matalan close around but I will ask! the photo of the bikini sooo made me smile :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I know.. That's why I ended up with 6. Oops!

  3. Your ring from your Mr, is so pretty and con rats by the way :)
    OMG I know think I will be heading over to Matalan's website, if they don't have these rings online I will have to go in store! I'm a ring addict! I need the spiky one in my life amazing. You have the start of a great collection ! x

  4. I love the rings you picked - very bright and stylish! and believe me, you shouldn't be surprised to be getting so many readers - your blog is certainly worth reading!!!

  5. such lovely rings, that last picture made me laugh! x

  6. Hahaha.. Tea towel post to follow.. ?!

  7. love these rings!! specially the textured silver one! deffo going to pop to my local matalan!!
    thanks for my comment. the leggings are cool right?
    great blog. following :) maybe follow me back?

    esme x

  8. oh my, looooove the engagement ring. so pretty!
    gorgeous blog btw <3

  9. Good find lady love the spiky ring! xx My blog- A Fox That Meows ♥ Instagram afoxthatmeows !!!

  10. I seriously need to get some new rings, I only have one! I am in love with the spikey one.

    I'm your newest follower, check out my blog here: http://rosedustx.blogspot.co.uk/

    Rose x

  11. i love your engangement ring, its so pretty! all those matalan rings (cant believe theyre matalan) would look so lovely on a ring stand like that! i cant even remember wheere mine is from, i think it was a birthday gift! good luck finding one, so useful!

  12. I love jewellery, I have loads of it, I like quirky things im forever at the jewellery and accessory sections in the stores. love all those rings x

  13. Wow that's a lot of rings in one shopping trip! x

  14. Your engagement and wedding rings are beautiful and so lovely that he designed them for you, so much more personal! Love the blog and have followed you now. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog, really appreciate it!! x



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