31 December 2011

FESTIVe times 2011

A few festive snaps taken over the Christmas period and not a turkey in sight !

Christmas in a service station toilet. Not the most hygienic but it's nice they made the effort..

Being cool and trendy in a cool and trendy bar in Sheffield

Festive sushi !! Made it myself and everthing..

Got to love a good private shop window display. Especially at Christmas..

Our meal at a posh fish and chip shop in Kendal. You could order wine and the floor was slippy with grease. What a lovely combination..

Christmas eve outfit (Excuse the bad quality picture..)

New year celebrations tonight.. Outfit still not sorted. Not my favourite night of the year but I'll be spending it with good company and plenty of booze. May even venture into town. Plenty more blog posts planned for 2012. Hope everyone has a good'un !

1 comment:

  1. Woah, you made your own sushi?! That's so awesome! Wish I had those kind of skillzz :) Thanks for your lovely comment too.

    Rosie xx



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